Magnus vant Tata Steel

Magnus viser igjen at han udiskutabelt er den beste sjakkspilleren i verden!
Han hadde allerede vunnet turneringen i går, ettersom Anand og Aronian var 1,5 poeng bak og kunne umulig ta han igjen.

Med remis mot Anish Giri idag, endte Magnus opp med 10/13 poeng i den lille Nederlandske byen Wijk aan Zee.
Dette tangerte Garry Kasparov legendariske 10/13 i samme turnering i 1999.

Magnus avslutter bloggen sin fra Tata Steel:
I got into trouble again with the black pieces today. My opponent was 18-yr old Anish Giri. He played quite accurately after the opening by taking on c6 and destroying my pawn structure with c5. I could not hold on to any of my c-pawns and needed counterplay against his king. At the critical moment I assumed he would not play Qa3 allowing the piece sacrifice Bxb3 axb3 Rxb3 with my queen still on the board: After Qd6 and Qa6 I could indeed sacrifice the bishop on b3. After the exchange of queens the position was equal, and he took my bishop allowing a perpetual. Draw, and 10 points out of 13. For the first time in ten years, I’ve gone through the tournament undefeated☺ It is definitely my best tournament result since Nanjing 2009. I am very satisfied with the fact that I exploited all the advantageous positions I got with white, and held some difficult ones with black.